Audit committee

Pursuant to the Transparency Decree and CNV rules, Argentine public companies which shares are admitted in the in the public offering, should appoint an Audit Committee composed of at least three members of the Board of Directors, a majority of which must be independent in accordance with the criteria set forth by Argentine law. Pursuant to the Company’s by-laws, one director is appointed by holders of Class A common shares and one by holders of Class B common shares.

The Audit Committee's must:

Supervise the internal control, administrative and accounting systems;

Supervise the application of policies related to the information on the Company’s risk management;

Provide the market with adequate information regarding conflicts of interests that may arise between our company and our directors or controlling shareholders;

Render opinions on transactions with related parties and supervise and report to regulatory authorities the existence of any kind of conflict of interest;

Edenor's Audit Committee is composed as follows:

Name Position Class selected
Esteban Macek * Member Class A
Federico Zin * Member Class A
Alejandro Sicardi de Estrada Member Clase B/C

* Independent, pursuant to the Argentine legislation and the Regulation 10A-3 of the U.S.Securities and Exchange Law and its amendments.