Frequently asked questions
What are edenor’s trading market?

Edenor’s outstanding stock amounts a total of 906,455,100 common shares, with a nominal value of one peso and one vote for each share.

Our shares are traded on Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (“ByMA”) under the “EDN” symbol and are part of the Merval Index.

We also have developed an ADSs (American Depositary Shares) Program, which represent 20 common shares each. We started quoting on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) under the “EDN” symbol on April 26th, 2007.

How can I purchase Edenor’s shares?

To purchase our common shares, it is necessary to hold a custody account in any stockbroker company, which will act as intermediary to be able to operate in the ByMA market. Banks provide the brokerage service as well as specialized brokerage firms.

In the event you intend to purchase our ADRs, it is necessary to have8 an account with any Broker authorized to operate in the United States.

Are there different classes of shares?

Pursuant to edenor’s bylaws, our capital stock is divided into three types of common shares: Class A, belonging to the Controlling Group, Class B, floating in the market.

Class of Share Subscribed and Paid-in
Class A 462.292.111
Class B* 444.162.989

* (1) Includes 30.994.291 shares within Edenor’s portfolio at march 31st, 2023

How can I reach the Investor Relations department?