Visión, misión y prioridades estratégicas


To become an excellence model for a public service company


To deliver a socially responsible service of distribution and commercialization of electrical energy, which contributes to improve people’s quality of life, the development of business and the community, assuring the growth of the company, employees and shareholders.

Strategic Priorities

  • Efficiency
    We manage the company’s resources with efficiency, by maximizing results and continuously improving business processes and the quality of the services rendered to our customers, and by strengthening the infrastructure through investments in the network and technology.    
  • Proximity
    Our progress is focused on a company which is increasingly near to its groups of interests: customers, employees, shareholder, intermediary organizations, community, government and suppliers.



  • Safety
    Our priority is the respect for life
  • Customer Focus
    The Company is oriented towards providing its customers with a high-quality service.
  • Professionalism
    We apply our technical skills and promote the development of individuals to play a leading role in new challenges.
  • Proactivity
    We develop a constructive result-oriented attitude to achieve and exceed the company’s goals.
  • Improvement and innovation
    We promote continuous improvement through our Integrated Quality, Safety and Environmental Management System and we support innovation in the processes and services rendered to our customers.
  • Responsibility
    Our action is conducted with a high level of responsibility for the achievement of Edenor’s objectives by taking care of the company’s resources and assets as if these were own resources.
  • Commitment
    We assume our duty towards the population and the country, to contribute with their development.
  • Ethics
    Our action is based on integrity, respecting individuals, regulations and ethical principles.