Chief executives
Neil Arthur Bleasdale | Chairman and General Director

Neil studied at the University of Leeds in England and for the last 42 years he has worked in Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Brazil and the Netherlands. In 2006 he began his career in the electricity distribution sector as Director of EDEMSA, electricity distribution company of  Mendoza, and from March 2008 to June 2021 he served as President and General Director.

Germán Ranftl | Finance and Control Director

Public Accountant from the University of Buenos Aires and a MBA from UCEMA. He spent 11 years in the banking sector, eight of which he served as Vice President of Corporate Finance and Investment Banking. Since 1998 and for five years, he was Chief Financial Officer of Supercanal SA and later joined Integra Investment SA as Vice President, a consulting firm with international and Argentine transactions in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets and debt restructuring. He also served as EDEMSA's Chief Financial Officer.

Pablo Pérez | Operations Director and Customer service

Pablo is an engineer graduated from the National Technological University (UTN) with a master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Salvador.

He worked in different positions within the company in areas related to operation and maintenance.

In 2006, he was appointed Operations Manager for the Pilar area and since August 2010 he has served as Distribution Manager, where he was in charge of coordinating all Edenor's operations management, the control center that includes the offices of Alta, Media and Low Voltage, AT and MT Telecontrol and the technical processes inherent to the technical operation.

He assumed his role as Director of Operations on October 1, 2021.

Miguel Farrell | Technical Director

Miguel is an electrical engineer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, with a master's degree in business administration from the University of Salvador.

Since 1994, he has been part of the company and has held different positions and areas.

In 2009 he was appointed assistant manager in the Planning and Technical Control Management and in 2016, he was appointed manager of that area

In January 2022, he became a benchmark for the Technical Department, until July of the same year that  assume the leadership of the Technical Department.


Ignacio Letemendia | Human Resources Director

Ignacio has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Buenos Aires. He did a BA in Economics at the University of Illions, USA (1990), a Master in Human Resources at IDEA (1995) and an Executive Finance program (2012).

Since 1995, he has served as Director of Human Resources in different companies, such as: Gillette Argentina, YPF S.A., Maxus Energy Corporation Repsol YPF, Serono, Biosidus, Merck Serono, Belgrano Carga S.A.; MetroGas S.A.

He is coach of the rugby team of the San Isidro Club (SIC).

Diego Poggetti | Information Technology and Telecomunications Director

Diego is an Information Systems Engineer from the National Technological University of Buenos Aires, has a specialization in Digital Business and is passionate about technology, innovation and cultural transformation.

Previously he was CIO and CDO of Grupo América, he has vast experience leading technology teams and digital transformation processes.

María José Van Morlegan | Chief Legal Officer

Lawyer from the Universidad Católica Argentina and MBA from IAE. She has extensive experience working in important legal studies and managerial roles in financial and advisory entities working for major companies. She is a member of the Supervisory Commission of Caja de Valores S.A.

Fabiana Colombo | Purchases, Logistics and Supply Director

Former CFO of Grupo América. Fabiana is an accountant, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires and has a certification in e-commerce Finance from UCEMA and an Executive Program for Corporate Finance. Specialized in Administration and Finance, Budgeting, Management and Control, she has vast experience in finance, information and communication technologies, network deployment, audiovisual media and electronic commerce. She has developed professional activities advising companies on accounting, auditing, taxes, balance sheets, business acquisitions and Due Diligence processes.

Ricardo Luttini | Internal Audit Director

Ricardo is a public accountant graduated from the University of Belgrano in 1986. He has extensive experience in leading multidisciplinary work teams focused on providing assurance on the effectiveness of internal control systems; The veracity of the information and compliance with the corresponding internal and external standards, in order to minimize organizational risks and generate value for the company.

He previously worked at Axion Energy Argentina and Telecom Argentina as Audit Director. He has also served as Business Control and Audit Manager at La Caja de Ahorro y Seguro; General Manager at Banco Caja de Ahorro; Manager of Accounting, Management Control and Internal Audit at Banco Mercantil Argentino.