Supervisory committee

Pursuant to edenor’s bylaws, the supervision of the Company shall be vested in a Supervisory Committee composed of three members and three alternate members appointed by our shareholders. The members of the Supervisory Committee must be lawyers or chartered accountants and serve for a term of three fiscal years.

The primary responsibility of the Supervisory Committee is to monitor the Board of Directors’ compliance with the Business Corporate Law, the bylaws, its regulations, if any, and the shareholders’ resolutions. In performing these functions, the Supervisory Committee does not control Empresa de Energía del Cono Sur's operations or assess the merits of the decisions made by the directors.

Edenor’s Supervisory Committee is composed by the following members:

Name Position Year of appointment (Class selected)
Carlos Esteban Cvitanich * President 2021 (Class A)
Javier Errecondo * Statutory auditor 2021 (Class A)
Lisandro Vázquez Giménez Statutory auditor 2023 (Class B/C)
Carlos Borgatello * Alternate auditor 2021 (Class A)
Marcos Ambrosio Romero Carranza* Alternate auditor 2022 (Class A)
Vivian Haydee Stenghele Alternate auditor 2023 (Class B/C)

* Independent pursuant to the Argentine Legislation.