Analyts’ coverage

Edenor is covered by the analysts mentioned below. Please take into account that any opinion, estimation or projection related to Edenor made by said analysts represent pure and exclusively their personal opinion and in any way, represent the opinions, estimations of projections of the Management of the Company. Edenor is not responsible for these analysts’ information, conclusions or recommendations.

Company Analyst
Allaria Ledesma Guido Bizzozero
AR Partners Matías Wesenack
Balanz Ezequiel Fernandez
Morgan Stanley Miguel Rodrigues
Bank of America Merryl Lynch Francis McGann
BCP Securities Matías Castagnino
Puente Hermanos Juan Manuel Vázquez
Santander Walter Chiarvesio
Citi Bank Andrés Cardona
TPCG Paula La Greca
BTG Pactual Daniel Guardiola