Edenor is covered by the analysts mentioned below. Please take into account that any opinion, estimation or projection related to Edenor made by said analysts represent pure and exclusively their personal opinion and in any way, represent the opinions, estimations of projections of the Management of the Company. Edenor is not responsible for these analysts’ information, conclusions or recommendations.

Rating Agency National Rating Global Rating Date
Standard & Poor's Institutional raCCC (Negative Outlook) June 2023
Standard & Poor's Financial Debt raCCC (Negative Outlook) CCC- (negative outlook) June 2023
Moody's Latam Equity Category 1 May 2023
Moody Local BBB+.ar (Stable outlook) May 2023
Moody Foreign Currency BBB.ar Stable outlook) May 2023
FIXscr Financial Debt A-(ARG)(Stable outlook) A-(ARG)(Stable outlook) March 2023